What are Life Reps?

Don’t over think it.

Each repetition, just like your standard workout, reminds you to do the little things that matter more often. The difference with Life Reps is that you are setting up your body, mind and soul to flourish; ultimately creating a balance for your life. Whether it’s finding your zen with Group Centergy, tracking your body’s energy meridians with our BioMeridian Scanner, or unleashing your strength with Group Power; we have all of the essentials to make each rep count!

BioMeridian Scanning Technology

What does it measure?

The BioScan MSA provides a comprehensive test that measures the flow of energy according to European Medical research through acupuncture points related to the body’s major organs and systems. Major Groups of these points are called meridians. By carefully analyzing the energetic impulses flowing between meridians, we are able to access whether any of these pathways are blocked or restricted.

What can I learn from this?

When your meridian pathways are blocked, you may experience weakness, illness or chronic disease. This scan provides our practitioner feedback which we can use to make nutritional recommendations that with strengthen and balance your body.

Group Training Classes

No doubt about it—We have A LOT to offer!

We have tons of group classes with something for everyone.  And, if you’re new to the group, we do offer one FREE class!



Group Centergy

Group Power


Group Active

Looking for a Personal Trainer?

We’ve got you covered!

Rep it out!

We know you’re ready. Go for it!

Marcia is a wonderful fitness expert! I always get a terrific workout at Life Reps. Very well organized, clean, roomy space for all classes. Highly recommend!


Life Reps is AMAZING! Great place to get an awesome workout in and share a ton of laughs and meet some awesome people! So happy I found my workout home almost a year ago!


Life Reps provides education and support for pursuing a healthy, balanced life.  Life Reps does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any symptom or disease.  Life Reps does not prescribe or dictate nutritional protocol or any course of medical treatment.